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Touch Therapy for Oncology Clients

Gentle. Nurturing. Supportive.


Touch Therapy at 'End of Life'

A mature/delicate touch nurtures/supports a person at this most intimate/delicate time of life. Preparing for 'Transition' (leaving of this world) can take many paths to facilitate completion. Competent touch, spiritual support & compassionate holding of space strengthens and helps prepare an individual for this most important part of the 'Circle of Life'...releasing into 'Transition'.


Touch Therapy for the Medically Fragile

Medical treatments, surgeries, birthing, accidents, harsh emotional trauma can all render an individual 'medically fragile'. Energy techniques coupled with gentle touch can encourage the clients body to reestablish its own ability to regain health and healing to the best of its ability.



Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy (Vodder Technique) works with edema and potential or existing lymphedema clients. A careful intake and plan of care is established for all clients. NOTE: Rates listed are for gift certificates and establishing sliding scale rates.


Aromatherapy /Essential Oils

Simply putting the oils in the general environment/aura of the client can induce powerful states of relaxation and release. Works wonderfully to enrich and deepen sound therapy and meditation. Softens and eases the moments at end of life/transition.


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